Happiness is Homemade

The most important part of this saving journey I am walking on is to cut costs. Over the past few years, I have learned that cutting different costs each month is the best way, at least for me, to build up my savings and get out of debt. The practice I am about to share with you may not be easy to do but if you are willing to try, nothing is impossible.

To me, saving money simply means spending as little as possible. If you have a good and stable source of income each month, you may not need to be too strict on yourself. However, for me, and so do many other college students and people who are living paycheck to paycheck, we need to be very disciplined or we will run out of money before the end of each month. With that being said, what I did was I cut back on eating out and focused on homemade. 

How I Started Cooking My Food

As of this point, many people would think that this method may not be applicable to them simply because they do not know how to cook. If you do not find that you can cook, don’t worry because you can always learn. By the time I moved out of my parents’ house, the most edible dish I could cook was the sunny side up egg or fried egg. Within the first two years after I moved out, I lived off of canned food, fried egg, and pricey take-outs. When I was at home with my parents, I did not have to worry about what to eat. My mom always cooked a lot of delicious foods for the family. Though I get to enjoy delicious foods every day, I never really learned how to cook, and the result, fried eggs or canned food. If you look closely, none of the above foods are healthy and can be eaten for an extended period of time. Take-outs and canned foods are packed with a lot of unhealthy fats and sodium. Not only did they not provide your body with nutrients, but they also make you gain weight or cause other negative health effects. Thus, to stop wasting my money on unhealthy foods and also to learn some new skills, I learned how to cook.

Cooking turns out to be much easier than I thought. Especially nowadays, there are countless convenient kitchen appliances that can help you with home cooking. For example, when I first started cooking, I did not know how to cook a steak properly. More than once, I burned my juicy steak and threw it away. Today, if you want to cook a perfect steak and find that you do not have a lot of experience with it, you can get an air fryer and let it do your cooking. There are a lot of recipes online that you can find on how to cook a steak with an air fryer. Not only that, when you invest in an air fryer, you can also get back many health benefits. For instance, the air fryer does not use oil to fry foods, so you can cook many different fried foods without worrying about consuming too much oil. 

Another good investment in your kitchen is the instant pot. An instant pot has seven different functions, therefore, you can just research a recipe, buy fresh ingredients, prepare and throw them all in the pot. You can make from stew, soup, slow cook, to saute and steam. An instant pot can also make steamed rice and yogurt. 

This was how I started my home cooking journey. I tried to find all the help I could from the internet and other people. With the help of today’s smart kitchen appliances, cooking is not that hard. Are you ready to start cooking your own meals daily?

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