Shop Locally

Who doesn’t love a shopping trip at a local grocery store or a farmers market on the weekends? After a long week of hard work and stress, spending some time at your local grocery store or a farmers market is the best way to relax as well as to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Aside from having yourself some good time on the weekends, buying your groceries locally can also save you a lot of money. Most of the time, local grocery stores and farmers markets offer a wide variety of products that are not only less expensive but they are also organic or non-GMO. Although big-name grocery stores like Whole Foods Market or Sprouts Farmers Market always carry a lot of organic produce, their price is also much higher. This is because these companies have to pay a lot of different fees to run their stores. If you are into money-saving, you should rather think about shopping locally instead of shopping at the big-name grocery stores.

Before I discovered the local grocery stores and farmers markets around my neighborhood, I used to spend a fortune on quality produce. To be honest, I am not a big fan of big-name grocery stores. While I do like organic foods, I do not always find that I need to consume organic food all the time. At places like Whole Food Market, even non-organic food is expensive. Once again, this is because of the cost to run their stores. When I buy organic food, I only buy food that I eat every part of it. For instance, since I don’t want any harmful chemicals sprayed on my apples, and I don’t peel the apples, I buy organic apples. For other types of produces like orange and banana, the non-GMO option is good enough for me. With that said, I buy a lot of my groceries at local grocery stores and farmers markets to save money.

When I shop locally, I often get to know the store owner or the farmers who grow these products. By chatting with them, I get to know them even better and how much hard work they put into growing their products. I especially love going to the local farmers markets that only pop-up on the weekends since the grocery sellers in these markets are real farmers from the local farms. They always offer the freshest produce at a very reasonable price. After I talked to a couple of farmers from my trips to the farmers markets, I learned something very interesting. As you may know, in order to be certified as organic, the product must be free of chemicals for seven consecutive years. A lot of the time, this requirement will not work since different types of fruits and vegetables attract different types of pests. It is not easy to have a quality crop when there are absolutely no pesticides to block the insect from destroying your crop. Thus, sometimes farmers still have to use pesticides on some fruits and vegetables, and this resulted in these fruits and vegetables being “not organic.” However, the local farmers are very responsible in terms of using pesticides. They only use it when absolutely necessary, which means organic or not, their products are always fresh and safe to eat.

In conclusion, I find that local grocery stores and farmers markets are a good choice to shop for fresh and healthy products. Search for local grocery stores or farmers markets in your area and stop by to support them when you can.

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