Shop Seasonally

To me, saving money does not have to be stressful, and it should not be stressful for you either. As I mentioned before, to be able to save on groceries, I always plan my meals and their ingredients before I head to the store. However, if you find yourself not so comfortable with making meal plans, an alternative to planning on what to buy is to buy seasonal products.

While I like to make a list of what I want to eat ahead of time, I have to admit that this is not always a fun task. It is simply because I cannot predict which product will be out of stock at the supermarket. Of course, I can find that out-of-stock item at another supermarket, but it will cost me time and money to drive to another store. What is worse is that the other store may run out of this item too, and as a result, I have just wasted my time and gas. To fix this issue, I will just buy what is available plus the freshly harvested seasonal products. What I love about shopping seasonally is the freshness of the products. Although the selection of seasonal produces may not work well with my plan, I can never walk past a fresh batch of vegetables without getting some.

Another reason I like to buy seasonal products is that they often cost less. For instance, if you want to buy some fresh cherries during the winter months, chances are you will end up spending a lot of money on not so high-quality cherries. This is not the market ripping you off; it is just not the right time. Every year, I love it when summer comes. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, fresh cherries are always readily available. What is even better is that you can visit U-pick cherry farms to pick the ripe cherries off the trees yourself. It will be a fun activity for you and your family or friends.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

What I find to be the most interesting reason to buy seasonal produces is that I can learn to become flexible with my meals. Nowadays, I often hear a lot of young people complain about their lack of cooking skills. Although this does not seem to be a big deal at first, later on, it can cost you a lot of money for eating out every day. If you find yourself not very good at cooking, you can start with simple recipes to see if you are good at cooking or not. For me, I used to think that I am a terrible cook and that I will burn everything I touch in the kitchen. However, after I tried cooking, I finally realized that I can cook quite well. From the beginning, I started with fewer preparation recipes, then I gradually moved on to more complicated recipes. Now, I can cook many complicated dishes with confidence. I find that by buying seasonal products, I can modify my food so that it does not break my pocket.

Do you like seasonal products? If so, head to the nearest farmer market this weekend and buy some fresh produces to support the farmers.

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