Cocktails on a Budget

I am not a big fan of alcoholic beverages, but I do like to have a cocktail or two while hanging out with my friends, especially on special occasions. However, a good drink does not have to break your pocket. A lot of the time, when we think of getting a couple of drinks, we would think of heading to the bar. There is nothing wrong with it, except it can cost you a fortune. If you are not trying to cut back on your spending, the bar is a bit more exciting place to go. There is usually loud music and a lively vibe at the bar. The later in the night, the more fun it gets. However, music can be played at your place too for a much lower price, you and your friends can have all kinds of fun, I often play drinking games with my friends or karaoke, and most of all, you can make drinks just as good as the ones you buy from the bar. Thus, if your goal is to save money, think of how you can hang out with your friends at your home or their home. It could save you a lot of money while you can still have a good time.

I used to live in a big city so I always got attracted to the city’s lively nightlife. There are countless things a person can do in a big city at night. In my case, I usually hang out with my friends at night, both weekdays and weekends, in clubs or bars in the city’s downtown area. It was a fun time, but it was also a mistake. Having fun once or twice a week is acceptable, at least in my opinion, but having fun almost every night and spending a lot of money on stuff I can make at home is not acceptable. Normally, I spent at least $50 per place. This meant that if I was to come to more than one place, which I often did, I would lose all the money I made that day. By the time I decided to start saving money, the first thing I did was to avoid going to bars and clubs completely. I started to invest some money into popular and widely used alcohols such as rum, my favorite, vodka, whiskey, cognac, etc. I also started to research cocktail recipes that I can make at home. Lastly, I invested in some mixing tools. I was lucky to find someone who was also a part-time bartender. She was my co-worker, and after a few short conversations about cocktails, she offered to train me on some basic recipes.

Photo by Jenna Bollweg on Unsplash

Until this day, I rarely go to the bar, especially when there is the pandemic. I have saved a lot of money by making my drinks at home, and some of my friends have also joined me to practice making drinks by themselves. We have added a fun activity to our parties, a cocktail contest. Everyone can create a cocktail that will be judged by the rest. I find this activity to be very interesting since we can try new recipes all the time. Last but not least, since I have my own place, I decorated my place a little bit so it would look like a bar. My balcony is my friends’ favorite spot to hang out and enjoy their drinks.

Try making some cocktails at home and share them with your friends or family this weekend. It will be fun.

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