Don’t Pay Full Price If You Can

Nowadays, big retailers usually offer a price match policy that lets you pay a lower price on specific items. In some places, the customer can ask for a price match to the promotional price of the store’s competitors. If you want to save money, take advantage of this discount feature and check for lower prices on items you are shopping for. Every time I go shopping, whether it is grocery or other commodities, I always check for two things. The first thing is to see which store offers a price match policy. The second thing is to see if the items on my shopping list are on sale or have a lower price somewhere else.

Before I paid attention to the price match policy, I usually paid for my purchases at full price. A grocery shopping trip never has to break your pocket. So, I started to look at the prices from the company’s website. For instance, if I shop at Target, I often use the Target app to scan each item to see the price online versus the price in-store. Whichever is less expensive, I will ask to pay that price. Since big retailers always want to attract customers, their apps can also send you notifications when they have a big sale going on. I often use the Target app and the Amazon app to check for on sale groceries at Target stores or Whole Foods Markets.

Other than using the apps or websites to check for discounted items from retailers, you can also save a lot of money if you become their loyal member. As long as the company does not require you to pay any fees, you should go ahead and accept to become their loyal member or “reward member.” Just pay attention to retailers that ask you to become their reward member by signing up for a credit card. This is both a good way to save money and the worst way to lose money. For instance, as I am always aware of my spendings, credit card companies cannot trick me into opening an account with them. However, I have seen a lot of people losing a lot of money to credit card companies while thinking that they are actually saving some money.

Photo by Omar Abascal on Unsplash

When you are a reward member, you can buy a lot of products at a lower price. For instance, I often shop at smaller retailers like Safeway, CVS pharmacy, and Walgreens pharmacy. These retailers do not always price their products as low as those at Target or Walmart, but with a reward membership, I can still buy a lot of stuff for cheap. I often look for coupons on their apps and present these coupons at checkout. The coupons always save me a lot of money on every shopping trip. Last but not least, if you like to buy in large quantities, consider getting a membership at Costco or Sam’s Club. Before, I did not know that I could get some of my money back when I paid for gas. I always bought gas from random gas stations. After I learned that I could get cashback on gas from my Costco membership, I always plan accordingly and get gas at Costco only to maximize the amount of money I can get back from my membership.

If you do not have a reward membership at Costco, Sam’s Club, or other retailers, consider signing up for a couple of them and start earning some cashback.

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