Study Faster

If you are trying to save money while still in school, do not ever forget this, the longer you are in school, the more money it will cost you. I made this mistake a few years back and it cost me a fortune. Nowadays, universities often offer dynamic courses which are shorter but still worth the same amount of credit. Since I did not know this before, and I also did not realize the importance of finishing school early, I wasted a lot of time and money that I could not get back.

So how is finishing your degree faster can save you a lot of money? Here is what I learned.

First of all, most bachelor’s degrees will take four years to complete. During that four years, most students will rely on federal grants and scholarships of some sort. Since you were pretty busy in these four years, you do not have a lot of time to work. Trust me, I tried and failed miserably. If you want to work and to study at the same time, you will most likely have to take four classes or less per semester. If you try to work too much, chances are you will fail one or more classes or your grades will be terrible. If you choose to focus more on school, you may not be able to work that many hours your employers required. This happened to me before. My employer did not want to hire more employees so they wanted their employees to work more hours instead. Little tip, most employers do not want to work around your school schedule so do not believe them when they say yes to that during your interview. As a result of choosing work over school, I failed some classes so it took me much longer to complete my degree. Thus, this is the first reason a college student who wants to save money should try to complete his or her degree.

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Do you live with your parents during your college years? If not, this is another reason you should finish school faster. I did not live on campus during my college years. I preferred to live off campus instead. Since I was responsible for my rent, I had to work while still in school. The more I worked, the more I got distracted from school. I did not take school seriously enough, so I kept slowing down with my academic progress. Because I have not graduated yet, I could not work in companies that require their employees to have a bachelor’s degree. These companies pay higher and the job is often more secure. How do you live with a minimum wage? Since I was working a minimum wage job, I never managed to last until the end of the month. I always ran out of money about the twentieth day each month. Later, I realized that staying in school for too long will limit my ability to make more money. As a result, I switched to a part time job and focused more on school so I can get my degree as soon as possible.

If you can, take more classes each semester. Take as many classes as possible in summer school too. Sacrifice the fun to focus more on your success.

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